9 Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work - 9 Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work

9 Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work

Slot machines are probably the most addictive game in the casino. It has super simple rules, perfect for beginners, children, and all types of people. Slot machines are also casino’s favorite. According to report, slot machines provide more revenue to casinos compared to all other gambling games combined.

Basically, you need luck in playing slots. But there are ways on how to earn more in slots. Follow these 9 slot machine strategies that really work:


Choose the Right Game

Like poker, baccarat, and other casino games, you have to be aware that there are different game types of slot machines. Moreover, they are classified into two game classes – class II and class III. Make sure you have ample knowledge about them before playing.

Play Higher Denominations

The higher the denomination of slot machines, the higher the payout percentage. Basically, you do not expect low denomination to pay you huge. So, if you want a higher payout, play on $2 denomination machine than the $1 slot machine.

The Simpler, The Better

In terms of complexity of the slot, the simpler the game is, the higher your odds of winning. Three reeled-slot machine is better than the one with five reels. Even single-line bets provide you better odds that multi-line odds.

Bet More for the Jackpot

If you want to qualify for the jackpot, then you have to bet more. This is applicable only to progressive jackpots and various bonus features. Betting more actually means making the highest bet available.

Try Other Slot Machines

In card games, you have to be selective of the tables as they provide varied offerings. In slots, you need to be choosy of the machines you want to play with. Avoid sticking to just one slot. We suggest that you test each machine for a short period of time to know if it suits you.

Stop Chasing Losses

There are no guarantees in playing slot machines. Despite all the algorithms and other stuff, slots are very random. There is no actual pattern of winning and losing. Do not ever attempt to last on playing slot machines just to win back all your losses. It will never happen.

Play With Coins

If you want to maximize your amount of time in playing slots, you need to use coins instead of notes. It will allow you to be more flexible of the machines you want to play with.

Know When to Stop

This is required in every casino game. Practice self-control and disciple so that you will not have any gambling problems in the future. If you lose, step away from the machine and come back tomorrow. Do not increase your risk of losing too much.

Join the Club

Most casinos offer loyalty bonuses, rewards, and rebates for those who avail for membership. It will help you a bit if you join their club – rebates, travel benefits, free entertainment, coupons, and more.

These are just a few of the many ways you can earn more in slot machines. Enjoy!



7 Amazing Winning Hacks in Playing Baccarat - 7 Amazing Winning Hacks in Playing Baccarat

7 Amazing Winning Hacks in Playing Baccarat

One of the most fun casino games is the baccarat (“bah-cah-rah”). It is very popular in Finland, Sweden, Canada, Macau, United Kingdom, and the United Stands. As a player, you need to play smartly by the rules of the game. Your fate depends on the value of the cards and your strategy in betting odds. Baccarat can also be played online. Wherever you play baccarat, follow these 7 amazing hacks to win at baccarat:


Know the Baccarat Basics

Do not start gambling without a pound of knowledge about baccarat. Study and review the essential rules and elements in playing baccarat. Moreover, there are different types of baccarat – punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque. Choose among these three and dedicate yourself to learning.


Understand the Odds

Part of knowing baccarat is understanding the odds or the house edge. You need to learn about the odds of winning from betting on the banker, the player, or on a tie.


Trust the Banker

One of the most crucial decisions in playing baccarat is deciding whether to bet on the banker or the player. But trust us, bet on the banker. Bankers win over 50% of the time.  On every win, you get a 5% percent commission. Not bad!


Avoid Tie Bets

Every baccarat player knows not to bet on a tie. It is a bet for losers and suckers. A tie bet has a house edge of 14.36%. The odds of winning on tie bets is just 9%. This is a valid reason why tie bets have a very attractive payout, so irresistible not to bet on. Ties occur in even lesser than one in 10 hands. So, before you can win, you may be losing too much money first.


Don’t Play Too Long

Avoid spending too much time on playing baccarat. Baccarat involves short winning streaks then series of downfalls. More often than not, players are granted with profitable upswings but in the end, they are not even so fortunate at all. So, if you think you raised your money a bit, step away and come back tomorrow.


Choose the Right Table

In life, we need to seek for the best opportunities. There may be dozens of offers, but you need to choose the right one. Just like in playing baccarat, you need to choose the best table. Keep in mind that not all tables are the same. Commissions can change from table to table. Thus, you need to be very keen and selective in choosing a table.


Manage Money Wisely

Bankroll management is very important, not just in baccarat, but in gambling in general. Most of the time, you are going to lose more than win in baccarat. As much as possible, keep your bets small. You also have to set a loss limit. As mentioned earlier, you need to learn when to step away. Lastly, limit the number of hands you play every session.

More than earning money, baccarat is a great way to earn friends and happy experiences. Do not just let the negative vibes overpower you.


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The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack

The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the oldest games in the casino which is also very popular to most gamblers. Also known as “twenty-one”, the game first came to existence in Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes’ tale “Rinconete y Cortadillo” in 1601. Two of the tale’s characters were known cheaters of the game called “Ventiuna”, a Spanish term for “21”.

Now, blackjack has been dominating gaming tables in the casino. Surprisingly, blackjack is very easy to play and win. You just have to beat the dealer with your best card strategy. Here are the seven best ways to win at blackjack:


Select a Blackjack Game

Select a Blackjack Game - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack

Like poker, blackjack also has different variations apart from the classic Blackjack game we all love. Each variant has slight changes in rules, mechanics, and payout. The most common types of blackjack game are Super 21, Progressive Blackjack, and Perfect Pairs, among others.


Know the Basic Strategy

Know the Basic Strategy - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack
Basically, you have to be equipped with the basic blackjack strategy before gambling. Review the essential elements of how to play blackjack. Moreover, understand and learn the different tactics and techniques. Among the most important strategies is knowing when to stand, split, and double. To know more of these strategies, read this article.


Read the Table Limits

Read the Table Limits - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack
One of the common mistakes of beginner players is sitting at the table without even knowing the limits. Before you being, make sure that you will be playing the standard blackjack game. Tables are very deceiving, thus, read the table limits, especially the maximum and minimum you can bet. Also, understand the special table rules. The next step is to know find your limit that you are comfortable with. This will minimize your difficulty in deciding where to place your bet.


Enjoy Perks Wisely

Enjoy Perks Wisely - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack
Casinos are very generous…for a reason. They will offer you complimentary meals, free drinks, free bets, coupons, and other goodies. As mentioned earlier, you need to be equipped with the basic knowledge and strategy in playing blackjack. However, if you are too much lured of these perks, your judgment may be clouded, especially if you get drunk.


Choose the Best Dealer

Choose the Best Dealer - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack
Dealers play a big role in your success. You need to find a dealer that is friendly, whom you can be comfortable with. You can make a relationship with a dealer by tipping them or making a “toke” bet for the dealer. Also, avoid being rude to the dealer or else you’ll lose.


Understand Card Counting

Understand Card Counting - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack
Card counting is an old strategy used in blackjack to minimize losses and maximize profits. By card counting, you can determine the probability of the hands to give you a win. Some states in the United States do not allow card counting while some just restrict apparent use of the strategy. So be good at mental processes.


Use Strategy Chart

Use Strategy Chart - The 7 Best Ways to Win at Blackjack
Most professional blackjack players use strategy charts to know how to act in every situation. It can really help you in your decision making and in determining probabilities.

What other tips can you give to blackjack players? Tell us your secrets in the comments section.

8 Basic Tips to Improve Skills in Playing Poker - 8 Basic Tips to Improve Skills in Playing Poker

8 Basic Tips to Improve Skills in Playing Poker

Poker is one of the most-played card games in the casino. The modern poker being played today is rooted in the 19th-century poker. Since then, most gamblers play poker. Poker has also become more popular because of its different versions and variants. Now, there are thousands of great professional poker players in the world. Poker is also celebrated in some of the biggest tournaments in the world.

If you want to be an expert poker player, follow these 8 basic tips to improve skills in playing poker:


Know the Rules

Basically, you need to know the basic rules of poker. Poker is an extremely easy game to play, but winning requires extra skills and strategy. Knowing the rules of poker doesn’t just end on its basic knowledge. You have to know deeper for you to win.


Choose the Right Game

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of versions and variations of the game poker. Before you play poker, you need to decide first what kind of poker to play. The most common types are Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and High/Low Chicago, among others.


Stick to Your Strategy

One of the reasons why most successful poker players win because they adopt a consistent strategy. In playing poker, you need to have a clear strategy which you are going to stick to through the game. Elite poker players use the same winning strategy no matter what the recent results have been.


Select the Hands to Play

Most beginners play far too many hands which is a major mistake that every poker player should avoid. If you think the hands aren’t good, do not stay. Again, quality is more important the quantity. Playing more doesn’t guarantee you more winnings. Be choose of the hands to play.


Pay Attention to Cards

Pay attention to the cards as much as you observe the other players. You can use the cards on the table in devising your strategy to play against the opponents and win. By knowing the cards on the table means you can tell what cards are remaining.

Don’t Rush to the Next Level

Always consider your skill level. Most players move up to the next level because they have been winning consistently. They want to impress people by moving up to the next level. We suggest you to avoid playing at too-high limits especially if you are just starting out. Make sure you are really prepared before leveling up.


Set Aside Emotions

Poker requires the “right” mind and heart. You should be well-prepared. This means that you have to leave all your problems and dramas at home. Do not emotions decide on your behalf. If you are mad, sad, or generally in a bad mood, avoid playing.


Drink Moderately

One of the reasons why losers lose in gambling because of playing while drunk. Alcohol can intoxicate your mind, thus, losing control over your decisions and strategies in playing poker. This can increase your risk to losing money. As much as possible, don’t drink or drink moderately.

We hope these tips can help you improve your skills in playing poker. All the best of luck!

Introduction to Casino A Brief History of Gambling and Casinos - Introduction to Casino: A Brief History of Gambling and Casinos

Introduction to Casino: A Brief History of Gambling and Casinos

A casino is one of the most popular destinations of people who want gambling and entertainment at the same time. Casinos are filled with a wide selection of gambling games and a pool of entertainers – dancers, musicians, and comedians, among others. It is also a perfect for socialization, meeting different people from all walks of life. In the proceeding sections, let us know the history of gambling and casinos.


The Beginning of Gambling

No actual date can tell when gambling started. It can be noted that different countries have their own origins of gambling.

Among the first records of gambling was during the time of Ancient Greece. Sports has been a popular sports activity for Greeks. Apart from the Olympians and athletes, spectators also engaged into sports gambling in which they would bet on players and teams to win. Sports betting was popular in long jumping, javelin throw, and wrestling, among others.

On the other hand, Chinese also practiced one of the earliest gambling games in 2300 B.C. They were fond of playing tiles as a pastime. Around 1500 B.C., the earliest dice game was also discovered in Ancient Egypt. The French were also credited as the inventors of card games. They started playing cards in 1387. Johann Gutenberg of Germany produced the first full deck of cards. It was also noted that French adopted the Egyptian’s game of roulette in the 16th century.

All of the present casino games today are innovations of the earliest gambling games. The famous card game called “vingt-et-un” was the inspiration for blackjack card game. The English also re-developed the game of craps. Lastly, the modern poker games today are believed to have influences from Persian, Italian, and English games of chance.

The Gambling Houses

Any place, formal or informal, where people conducts any form of gambling can be considered as gambling houses. Like gambling, there is also no precise date to tell when gambling houses really started. The first gambling house was called “Ridotto” which was established in Venice, Italy in 1638. It hosted controlled gambling during carnivals, however, it was closed in 1774 because it was believed to contribute to the poverty of locals.

In the United States, the gambling establishments are called “saloons” which were influenced by New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Apart from gambling, saloons were also a place for drinking and partying. Unfortunately, gambling was banned in the early 20th century, closing gaming establishments.

The word “casino” became widely used in the 18th and 19th century. It was coined to refer to a place for music, dancing, and gambling. The term was also used to describe places for sports and pleasurable activities. The first well-known casino in the world was Casino de Venezia which was established in Italy in 1638. Until now, the casino remains operational.

In some places, casinos were never a place for gambling. For example, Finland’s’ Hanko Casino is a banquet hall which is a known landmark in the country. Copenhagen casino is also a theater place.