TRIVIA: 6 Slot Machine Facts That You Should Know

TRIVIA 6 Slot Machine Facts That You Should Know - TRIVIA: 6 Slot Machine Facts That You Should Know

A casino wouldn’t be complete without slot machines. Slots have started to become popular in the 20th century. Now, it has dominated every casino in the world. Casinos make sure that they have more slot machines than gaming tables because most people, regardless of class, gender, age, and race love slots. But apart from turning the wheels, do you know enough of slot machines? We bet you did not! Let us know more about slot machines by reading these top 6 facts about slot machines that you should know:


The slot machine was invented by a car mechanic

The first-ever slot machine was invented by car mechanic Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1895. It was called “The Liberty Bell”. It had three spinning reels, each painted with diamond, spade, and heart symbols, including the image of a cracked Liberty Bell. By getting three liberty bells, you will win a grand total of fifty cents.

Slot machines make up 85% of casino revenues

One of the primary reasons why casinos put as many as slot machines they can because they are very profitable. Slot machines generate 85% of the average casino’s revenues. According to the 2016 Nevada Gaming Control Board Gaming Revenue Report, a casino can earn about $7 billion in just twelve months in slots, compared to the $4 billion from table games combined.


Modern slots are a lot different from original slots

Before, mechanical slot machines have coin slots, hoppers, levers, reels, and manually painted symbols. Now, modern slot machines are composed of more than 1,200 individual components. Basically, they now have bill validators, machine cabinets, random number generator software, and touchscreen interfaces, among others. The reels even have 3D animations on video screens.


U.S. crisis led to the rise of slot machines

In the early 1980s, the United States was affected by the world recession. Along with Canada, United Kingdom, and other power economies, the U.S. experienced a higher rate of unemployment, higher inflation, and higher interest rates. With this, the Reagan and Bush administrations have to look for other means to outsource funds. In order to generate more revenue, they ordered the legalization of gambling which leads to the rise of slot machines.


Japanese are more avid “slots” players than Americans

The United States own over 800,000 slot machines from all registered casinos. However, they are only second to Japan which owns 5 million units of slot machines. With this number, a slot machine can serve 27 people a day compared to one is to 350 in the United States.

Slot machines are not legal in all U.S. states

In 2000, only 31 states legalize the use of slot machines in casinos and other gambling establishments. In other states, they can be played underground – bars, restaurants, and gas stations. In 2017, slot machines have been legalized in over 40 states. The other states now consider legalizing slot machines.

Now, you have known your favorite casino game even better. Tell your friends about these facts.



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